Holistic Nutritionist Olga Samofalova.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

  • Sleep at night and increase their efficiency
  • Balance hormones and have a good mood
  • Increase immunity and painlessly endure demi-season periods
  • There is everything you love without further discomfort in the digestive tract
  • To love yourself and have a beautiful physique

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Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist
Olga Samofalova

I offer the Opportunity!

If you are on this site and read this information, then most likely you are in search ...

In searching for answers to serious questions.

Before you read on, remember one important truth: the way out is from any situation, no matter how complicated it is!

There is a rule of three words:




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Tips and recipes

Recipes and tips for effective weight loss, better health, nutrition. Principles of nutrition for weight loss and recovery at home.
Articles on the benefits and harms of certain foods and diets.

Selection of health-improvement services
Private Consultations

If you want to ensure good health for yourself or your family, cleanse your system of toxins, have great digestive health or return to feelings of vibrant health, Private Consultations is specific to your biochemical individuality and your lifestyle.

  • Test for Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Weight Loss
  • Mind and Body Wellness
  • Safe and Natural Hormone Balancing
  • Cleansing and Detox
  • Individualized food plans based on YOU